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Artist statement

I have been working on "Relationship between people and places" and "Relationship between people and things" with the theme of "Record of memory".

I visit places where various events happened and symbolic places regardless of the size of things. So I collect stones.

Based on that, duplication is performed by casting technique.


Stone is positioned as a trace of objective facts about the event.

Duplicating the fact is an attempt to re-edit the fact, reconstruct it as a new shape, and record it as truth.

Truth (memory), unlike fact, is very vague and uncertain.

By duplicating, shape makes a difference and visualizes the truth different from the fact.


I am working on the production and presentation of “locations” and “events” shared by multiple people in recent activities.

Visualize differences in individual shapes by experiencing the production process together through workshops, etc.

It records the individual differences in truth behind the problem.

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